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SECTIONS- How to Create

Pursuant to Article VIII, Section I of the Association Bylaws, if a group of the Bar Association's members wish to organize under the auspices of the YCBA for any purpose which furthers the goals of the YCBA, that group may apply to the Board of Directors for Section status.

Before consideration by the Board of Directors of a group's application, the group must establish itself with its own By-Laws. The group's By-Laws shall provide that any subsequent amendments thereto shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

Upon presentation, the Board of Directors shall review the group's application and determine whether the group meets the criteria set forth  above. If the criteria are met the Board of Directors may approve the group's application for Section status subject to the approval of the general membership. If the application receives approval by the Board of Directors, then the Board of Directors shall cause a notice to be published in the York Legal Record, including an identification of the group and its designated purpose, for two (2) consecutive weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting of Association membership. At that meeting the Bar Association membership shall vote upon the group's application for Section status. Upon receiving a two thirds favorable vote of the membership present, the group shall be granted Section status.

Sections may charge dues subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Sections may be terminated by a two-thirds vote of the Bar Association membership present at a meeting of the membership, for which meeting notice of a call for a vote on termination of Section status has been given in the manner proscribed for obtaining Section status above.

2007 Approved Sections and Chairs


Estate Planning and Probate Law

David Mills, Chair

phone: 845-3674

email: dmills@blakeyyost.com


Family Law

Paula Silverstein, Chair

phone: 227-1115 

email: paula@islawyers.com


Real Estate Law                                    

Ronald Perry, Co-Chair

phone: 854-5124

email: ron@khlaw.us 

William Hast, Co-Chair
phone: 846-9800
email: whast@stockandleader.com

Young Lawyers

Jeffrey R. Bellomo

phone: 757-4565

email: JBellomo@YorkLaw.com


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