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The York County Bar Foundation is excited about making a significant difference in our community thorough the expansion of law related, community focused grants and public service programs through gifts to The Bar Foundation Endowment Fund

The growing scope of the work of the Bar Foundation and its vision for the future has led the Board of the Bar Foundation to establish the Endowment Fund. Managed by an Endowment Committee, the Fund  promotes the opportunity for giving by York County Bar Association members and friends. Donations to the fund not only helps it to grow, but each year a percentage is used in the Foundation's grant making process.  Those who take a leadership role through the making of a significant contribution are honored by the Bar Foundation with The Jeremiah Sullivan Black Barrister Award 
In addition to it's own Endowment Fund, the Bar Foundation has established
a fund maintained by the York County Community Foundation  known as "The Heritage Fund". All income from this fund is used for Grants by the Foundation. 
For those who wish to provide a gift in the future, the Foundation Board has established the The Legacy Society. This method allows an individual to remember the Bar Foundation with a gift to the Endowment fund through his or her Last Will and Testament. It also allows the Bar Foundation to honor that individual during is or her lifetime.
There are many methods to make a financial contribution.  All are tax deductible.  For more information Contact Us
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