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Richard P. Noll Scholarship
As part of it's ongoing public service mission, The York County Bar Foundation maintains and administers the Richard P. Noll Scholarship.  The Scholarship was created to effectuate the intent of Attorney Richard P. Noll, whose Last Will and Testament directed that scholarship awards be made to a deserving, needy law student from the greater York area.  A listing of Past Recipients can be found on this Web Site.
Annually, the the Bar Association Noll Scholarship Committee notifies Pennsylvania law schools of the scholarship program, reviews applications each summer and chooses one or two law students to receive a scholarship award.  Individual submissions are also invited. The filing deadline for applicants is June 30 of each year.  An Application can be downloaded from this web site.  Questions can be submitted to the current Noll Scholarship Committee Chair:
Jeffrey A Rowe
Office of the Public Defender
45 North George Street
York, PA 17401
Phone: (717) 771-4397
Fax: (717) 771-4759
Diversity Pipeline Scholarship
The Diversity Committee of the York County Bar Association has as its mission:
  1. to encourage and motivate Association members, other practitioners and the public to acknowledge, understand and celebrate the myriad of differences among members of the bar and persons in the community, arising from race, color, religion, ethnicity, gender, physical appearance and other individual qualities and characteristics;
  2. to promote the acceptance and increase the numbers of Association members belonging to populations traditionally categorized as "minorities" and raise their levels of participation, involvement and leadership in the Association;
  3. to facilitate and expand opportunities for law-related employment with private firms of all sizes and in all practice areas, corporate and institutional entities, governmental agencies, courts and other law-related employers; and
  4. through education, example and outreach, proactively overcome the subtle and overt vestiges of unfairness and the active and passive barriers, prejudices, insensitivity, and other impediments to full and fair enjoyment by all of the legal profession, the organized bar and the judicial system.

The foregoing purposes are pursued with the realization that, despite the efforts of the Committee and others, significant progress in overcoming decades of hostility and indifference to the advancement of diverse populations will take time, but that the mere passage of time alone will not advance the above purposes without deliberate and sustained action.

In furtherance of that mission, the Committee has created The Diversity Pipeline Scholarship.  The Diversity Pipeline Scholarship Committee awards the scholarship once applications are accepted.  An Application can be downloaded from this web site.  Questions can be answered by contacting us.
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