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SEPTEMBER 19, 2008



   I.       INTRODUCTION/WELCOME  (G. Steven McKonly, President Elect)


G. Steven McKonly (President-Elect) called to order the September 19, 2008 Board meeting held at the York County Bar Association at 12:15 p.m.  A quorum was noted. The following Officers/Directors of the Association were in attendance:  G. Steven McKonly (President Elect), Suzanne S. Smith (Secretary), Andrew Miller (Treasurer),  Kristina Bange (Director), Paula Silverstein (Director), The Honorable Joseph Adams (Director), Jane Schussler (Director), Sandra Thompson (Director), and Craig Trebilcock (Director), Amanda Snoke (Young Lawyers Section Chair), Bernard Ilkhanoff (Family Law Chair), Bill Hoffmeyer (PBA Delegate), Walt Tilley (PBA Delegate), and Barbara Sardella (Foundation President).  Also present was Executive Director, Cindy Van Laeys. 


Also in attendance was Anthony Bowser as a special presenter.


  II.      SECRETARY’S REPORT (Suzanne S. Smith, Secretary)


A.        A motion was made to approve the Association Board Minutes of July 18, 2008.  The minutes were approved unanimously as submitted.



III.       TREASURER’S REPORT (Andrew Miller, Treasurer)


A.        Review of June, July, & August Financials.  Attorney Miller reviewed the funds which are being managed by Counsel Trust.  Specifically, he reviewed the Investment Reserve Fund and the Operating Reserve Fund.  The Operating Reserve Fund is a short-term fund meaning it can be liquidated within one year and the principal is not at risk.  In regards to the June financials, Attorney Miller indicated that the York Legal Record Fund had been dissolved and $150,000.00 was transferred to the Bar Association.  He also noted that the upcoming Sheriff’s Sale was one of the biggest ones scheduled.  It was noted that at this point it was a bad time to invest and that the restructured reserves are showing a $3,400.00 loss but overall it was noted that the financials look in line with previous years.  A motion to approve the financials for June, July, and August was made.  This motion passed unanimously.



 IV.      ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT (G. Steven McKonly, President-Elect)


A.        The Nominating Report.  The following people were nominated for the 2009 Association Officers and Directors by the Nominating Committee: 


                        President                      -           G. Steven McKonly

                        President Elect  -           Dean Dominick

                        Secretary                      -           Suzanne S. Smith

                        Treasurer                      -           Carl Anderson

                        Assistant Treasurer       -           Robert (Bobby) Schefter

                        Past President               -           Charles Rausch

                        Director                        -           Andrew Miller

                        Director                        -           Honorable John C. Uhler


B.         Bench Bar Report.  The Bench Bar Conference will be held on Friday, October 24, 2008 at the Valencia.  The hope is that it will be of interest to all members of the Bar Association and all attorneys in York County.


C.        Budget Committee.  The Budget Committee will be meeting next week.


D.        Membership Committee’s Committee Fair.  A Committee Fair is being held in November.  There will be a session prior to the Committee Fair for the Committee chairs to attend to learn more about what will occur at the Committee Fair.


E.         Cindy’s Job Evaluation.  This information should be sent to Charles Rausch by Monday, September 22, 2008.              





A.        The Diversity Committee/Barbara Sardella.  There was a meeting in August.  The Diversity Pipeline Scholarship for law students was reviewed.  This is a scholarship for minority students and internships.  It was reported that they went to Pennsylvania Law Schools and those in close proximity and were looking for someone to return to the York area.  At this time, they had not found anyone.  It was further reported that they are looking for law firms to help in this endeavor. 


B.         Community Relations.  There was a report by Jane.  They were working with Carolyn Steinhauser.  The Annual Report will contain an informational piece to promote the Association and the Foundation.  You will be able to obtain a hard copy or view it on the website.  The goal is to make the community aware of the Bar’s profile in the community.  This was to fit with the Strategic Plan which is to improve the image of lawyers as well as respect for the law.


C.        Action Item.    Anthony Bowser indicated that WSBA had approached the Young Lawyers regarding a Habitat for Humanity Project.  It was the Unity House involving both Republicans and Democrats.  Habitat was looking for funds to advertise.  They were seeking the Bar Association to sponsor.  They were in need of approximately $2,500.00 in funds.  The Young Lawyers indicated that they were in a position to contribute $1,000.00.  G. Steven McKonly questioned whether or not there was extra money from the York Legal Record.  Andy Miller indicated that it was in our best interest to put money back into the community.  Jane Schussler indicated that in the past we had actually sent lawyers to work in Habitat homes.  A motion was made to provide an additional $1,000.00.  This motion was seconded and the motion passed unanimously. 





A.        Report on Grants Task Force.  The Grants Task Force will meet on October 9, 2008 at 7:30 a.m.  They were looking at different proposals from PIRC, YCCAR and Leave A Legacy.  It was further indicated that the Public Service Committee was distributing the DVD to school personnel.  Further, it was indicated that Legal Lines is being revamped.  The Truancy Project is moving forward with Jan Herrold’s assistance.  Law Day’s theme this year is going to be Legacy of Liberty, Celebration of Lincoln.  In addition, it was announced that Bar Stools would be May 7, 2009, May 8, 2009, and May 9, 2009.  Finally, the Endowment Committee is seeking contributions from all members of the Committee.





Cindy indicated that since the focus in the Association has been shifting, she has been more active in the community.


A.        United Way.  She has been attending meetings for Charlie Rausch.  The United Way has been discussing the “Stay In School Initiative”.  There are many educators involved in this.  


B.         Rotary.  She indicated that she will be joining this soon.


C.                 First Friday Lunches.   She has been attending.


D.        Iowa State Bar Thank You.  We received a thank you from the Iowa State Bar for money that we had sent to them previously.





A.                 Family Law. 


(1)        A Custody Workshop was held recently.  They deemed it to be very successful.  Credit was given to Ann Marie McElwee for organizing the event.


(2)        The third CLE was held at the Library.  It was indicated this was on support matters and that it was very well attended.


(3)        At the last Family Law Meeting, Carol Davenport from CAC did a presentation.


(4)               The Committee is working with Suzanne Griest for the Bench Bar.


(5)               They were selecting a slate of officers for 2009.


B.         Young Lawyers Section.  It was reported that they had a successful Orioles trip.  There was also a successful Happy Hour at the White Rose.  They are planning a trip to the United States Supreme Court.  It was noted that this is limited to 15 people.  Judge Adams indicated that he would assist with this event because previously he had been involved in a similar trip.  Their next event is October 16, 2008 which is a Staff Appreciation Party from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the WaterWay.  In addition, there is a round table scheduled for November 26, 2008.


C.        Criminal Law Committee.  It was reported that there is a CLE scheduled for October 2, 2008.  Furthermore, they were also working with Suzanne Griest and the Bench Bar Committee.





            Bill Hoffmeyer indicated that November 20, 2008 is the House of Delegates.



  X.      INNS OF COURT 


A social meeting was held on September 24, 2008 and an award was presented to Judge Brillhart.  Furthermore, this year’s theme is going to be Historical Trials.  The meetings will be held mostly on Wednesdays over lunch.  They also wanted to remind everyone that they are going to continue their Friday lunches at the Lafayette Club starting October 3, 2008.




A.        Survey of Sitting Judges.  This was tabled.





            There was no new business.







The meeting adjourned at 1:05.


The next meeting is Friday, October 17, 2008.






                                                                        Respectfully submitted,





                                                                        SUZANNE S. SMITH, SECRETARY

Association-Structure-Board Minutes
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