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 Annual Report of the President


Where has the last year gone?  It seems like only yesterday that I addressed you at the annual meeting as your incoming President for 2007.  I recall telling you that I considered it a privilege and an honor to serve as your President and that has certainly proved to be the case.


I have relished the opportunity to work with so many talented members of the Bar Association who give their time freely towards keeping your Bar Association such a strong, healthy organization.  It was indeed a pleasure to witness the strong leadership exhibited at the committee levels and also witness the enthusiasm and focus with which the committees performed their respective tasks.  There was never a time when I had to ask for help that I received a response other then “what do you want me to do”.  I owe them all a heartfelt “thank you”.


This past year as you are aware, we again lost our Executive Director.  Certain Association and Foundation members who were part of the search committee for a new Executive Director expended a tremendous amount of time and effort in reviewing resumes and interviewing the top candidates.  As you know the search committee recommended and the Association Board approved hiring Cindy Van Laeys as the new Executive Director.  Cindy brings to both the Bar Association and Foundation a wealth of experience based on her long history with both organizations. She will serve us well.  At the same time as the search committee was tasked with finding a new Executive Director, Anne Smith left to take another job.  So we also faced the task of replacing Lucy’s and Anne’s staff positions.  Those positions have been filled with the addition of Krystal Zeigler and Courtney Neiderer.


I am pleased to remind you that we now have our Website up and running and my thanks to Tom Kearney who worked so long and hard on this project, and continues to work on the glitches that are always part of something new. Thanks, Tom.  


I am also pleased to report, as was reported last year, that the Association remains financially strong and continues to provide services and benefits to its members.  One example of our being able to respond with financial support occurred this past year when the Association was approached about making a $125,000.00 commitment towards the hiring of a family law attorney for MidPenn. This commitment was conditioned on MidPenn raising a matching commitment of $125,000.00. The matching funds were raised and the Association approved payment of $125,000.00 over five years. These funds are in addition to the Association’s annual contribution to MidPenn.  This contribution will be of benefit to the Family Law Section of the Association and to the judicial system in facilitating the handling of custody cases.


I would note that the Association’s future remains healthy and I am pleased to be turning over the Presidency to Charlie Rausch. I can attest to all of you that the Association will continue to be a vibrant organization under his capable leadership.  As President this past year, Charlie as President Elect was involved in every decision that needed to be made.  His input and insight in our discussions this past year leads me to say that your Association has the right person as its incoming President.


I can only conclude this report by again thanking you for the privilege and honor of serving as your President in 2007.


Dan  Frey

Association-Structure-Annual Report
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