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AUDIT Oversees selection of audit firm, meets with auditors as needed prior to and following the audit relative to the process and results, and meets with Boards of Directors to follow-up on any recommendations from the auditors.

BAR CENTER Responsible for the maintenance of the Bar Center and for rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the building and its facilities.

BENCH BAR Plans and organizes Bench Bar Conference activities.

BUDGET & FINANCE Prepares the annual budget to be presented to the Boards of Directors, arranges for an annual audit of the financial records and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of Association and Foundation finances.

BY-LAWS Reviews Association and Foundation By-Laws and makes recommendations for changes and amendments to the Boards of Directors. In addition, the Committee has responsibility for advising the Board of instances of Association activity not in By Law compliance.

CHAMBER LIAISON Serves as an intermediary between members of the Association and the Chamber of Commerce in an effort to promote better communication and mutual cooperation.

CIVIL RIGHTS & RESPONSIBLIITIES Reacts to and when appropriate educates the Bar Membership on issues of concern involving civil rights and responsibilities.

CONTINUING LEGAL EDUCATION Organizes the continuing legal education activities of the Bar.

COMMUNITY RELATIONS Develops and executes strategies and programs to enhance the image of attorneys and visibility of positive contributions made in York by attorneys and the Bar Association.

COURT HOUSE FACILITIES Consults with row office holders, the Bench, the Court Administrator, and the York County Commissioners to assure that the County of York has sufficiently provided for the needs of the community in its Court House facilities, including but not limited to physical plant, personnel, computerization and public access.

CRIMINAL LAW PRACTICE Provides opportunity for sharing and exchange of information and learning opportunities for members who practice criminal law. Adopt and undertake related programs and services.

DIVERSITY Creates effective programs to strengthen and expand a commitment to diversity within the Association and community, takes a leadership role in increasing diversity of the legal profession in York, and serves as liaison with other organizations with similar objectives.

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS Supervises personnel employed by the Association, arranges for employment compensation and deals with personnel concerns.

ENDOWMENT Raises funds and oversees fundraising for the Endowment Fund, oversees the investment and implementation of the investment policies, serves as Gift Acceptance Committee and assures the compliance with fund purposes.

FEE DISPUTE Receives complaints concerning fees charged by any attorney practicing law in York County. Holds hearings and makes non-binding recommendations to the parties involved.

GRANTS Establishes and implements procedures for submission and awarding of grants; evaluates grant submissions and recommends award recipients to the Foundation Board.

JUDICIAL LIAISON Serves as an intermediary between the Association and the judiciary.

LAW DAY Organizes and is responsible for all activities falling within jurisdiction of Law Day.

LAW OFFICE MANAGEMENT Reviews current ideas and techniques of law office management and is responsible for informing the membership of its findings.

LAWYER REFERRAL Responsible for monitoring and administering the Lawyer Referral Service Attorney Connection.

LAWYERS CONCERNED FOR LAWYERS (LCL) Raises membership awareness of the problems of substance abuse among members of the legal profession.

LEGAL-MEDICAL Serves as intermediary between members of the legal and medical professions. It considers activities, which might foster better understanding of the mutual interest and problems of the medical and legal professions in an effort to promote better communication and mutual cooperation between the two professions.

LEGISLATIVE LIAISON Disseminates information among the membership concerning legislation affecting the practice of law and makes recommendations to the Association Board of Directors.

LOCAL RULES Reviews local rules of court and considers changes as necessary. When called upon by the Court it prepares and submits rules and amendments for review and adoption.

LONG RANGE PLANNING Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on long term goals, strategies, objectives and programs of the Association.

MEMBERSHIP Deals with all areas of concern having to do with membership.

MUNICIPAL LAW PRACTICE - Provides opportunity for sharing and exchange of information and learning opportunities for members who practice municipal law. Adopt and undertake related programs and services.

NOLL SCHOLARSHIP Administers the funds and fulfills the requirements of the Richard Noll Scholarship bequest.

NOMINATING Prepares a slate of candidates for election to the Association/Foundation Boards of Directors as required by the by-laws.

PRO BONO Oversees and coordinates all pro bono activities of the Bar Association.

PROFESSIONALISM To develop standards of conduct and civility for all persons involved in the judicial system in York County, to develop a plan to educate all participants as to those standards, and to implement the standards in the legal process.

PUBLIC DEFENDER Serves as liaison with the Public Defender.

PUBLIC SERVICE Develops and implements community public service projects within the framework of the legal system and focuses on promoting goodwill in the community.

SENIOR LAWYERS Serves the interests and needs of the senior members of the association.

SOCIAL Plans all social events of the Bar Association.

SOLO & SMALL FIRM PRACTICE - Provides opportunity for sharing, exchange of information and learning opportunities for members who practice in smaller business environments.

UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF LAW Investigates all reports of unauthorized practice of law in York County and reports all verified occurrences to the Association Board of Directors.

WOMEN & THE LAW The Women & the Law Committee holds lunches at which Bar members can meet informally and get to know each other. The Committee also act as a clearing house for information about legal issues concerning women and professional issues concerning women lawyers and women participants in the legal system.

Association-Structure-Committee List
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