York County Bar Association
Committee-Judicial Liaison
Mission of Committee
To provide the means for the Bench and the Bar to talk to each other to improve the administration of justice in York County.

Committee Responsibility
It receives the concerns of the Bard and communicates the same to the Bench, and vice-versa.

2009 Contact
Albert G. Blakey, Chair
Ph: 717-845-3674
Fx: 717-854-7839
Email: ablakey@blakeyyost.com

2009 Judicial Liaison Committee


Andrea Marceca

Andrew Brown

Donald Dorr

Donald Hoyt

Glenn Vaughn

John G. Bergdoll

Korey Leslie

Marc Tarlow

Niles Benn







Chairman:         Albert G. Blakey, Esquire


Members:         Niles Benn, Esquire, Andrew Brown, Esquire, Donald W. Dorr, Esquire, Daniel Fennick, Esquire, Rees Griffiths, Esquire, Donald Hoyt, Esquire, Glenn C. Vaughn, Esquire, Andrea Marceca, Esquire and the Honorable Richard K. Renn.

I.        2008 Committee Goals

A.     To draft and implement a judicial evaluation process along the lines of the ABA Guidelines for the judges not running for retention and therefore not included in the 2007 evaluation

B.     Encourage a two-way conversation between the Bench and the Bar.  As previously reported, meetings of the criminal law section, civil law section, family law section, with the judges primarily responsible for these different areas of practice has been highly successful in meeting the goal of more informal access and exchange.

C.     Increase participation of the Bench in Bar activities.

II.     Status Report

A.     The Committee favored following the same evaluation process with respect to judges not running for retention.  The majority of the Committee agreed that this should not be publicized but should be delivered to the President Judge for his use in consulting with individual judges, passing along compliments and criticisms, seeking to reinforce the best practices and obtain change where appropriate.  There is some minority but strong opinion that these results should be publicized even though the judges are not running for office.  The Committee stated that it is known that the Bench prefers the first-stated approach.

B.     The above recommendation was submitted to the Board of the Bar without response to date. 

III.   2009 Recommendations

A.     Follow through with the judicial evaluation process for judges not running for retention.

B.     Encourage more informal dialogue between members of the Bench and the Bar.

IV.  Other Suggestions and Comments

A.     It is believed that the current size of the Bench increases the importance of a mechanism for effective communication between Bench and Bar.

B.     The recent Bench-Bar Conference provided another effective means of communication.


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