York County Bar Association
Membership Committee
The purpose of the Committee is to promote and encourage membership in the Association, as well as design and implement benefit programs to serve the membership. 
The Committee determines categories of Association membership and makes recommendations concerning the Associationís membership dues structure.  The Committee is also responsible for the implementation of various benefit programs for Association members, including the Bar Membership Card which can entitle members to discounts on various goods and services at selected local merchants.  The Committee encourages membership participation in various Association activities and implements an annual weekend get-a-way award program to promote such participation.  The Committee is also responsible for publishing a membership directory for use by all members.  


2009 Membership Committee
Angela Eveler-Chair

Christine O'Brien

Heather Reynosa

James Logue

Kristina Bange

Marisa Button

Stacey MacNeal




Chairperson: Angela Eveler


Committee Members: Kristina Bange, The Honorable Maria Musti Cook, Suzanne Griest, Patricia Horsman, Stacey MacNeal, Clasina Mahoney, Heather Reynosa, Glenn Smith, Marisa Button (Young Lawyerís Liaison), Cindy VanLaeys




  • Get-Away Weekend: The Committee continued with the implementation and award of the YCBAís Get-Away Weekend Prize.  The project was implemented with the goal of encouraging and increasing member participation in all of the Associationís many events, committees, cle trainings, etc.  The recipient of the award is picked from a year-end drawing.  The number of times a memberís name is entered into the drawing represents the number of events attended by that member throughout the year as recorded by the Bar Association.  The Award presented in 2008 was a weekend get-a-way trip to the Brampton Bed & Breakfast Inn in Chestertown, MD on the eastern shore. The award was presented at the Associationís Annual Dinner in January 2008 to Tom Kearney, Esquire.  This was the second award presented under the project.  The second place prize, a gift certificate to the Left Bank, was presented to Barbara Sardella.   Another Get-Away Award will be presented at the upcoming January 2009 Annual Dinner.  The Committee continues to work on ways to market this project and create others like it to increase membership involvement.


  • Goodie Bags:  The Committee assembled complimentary Goodie Bags for YCBA members attending the 2009 Bench Bar Conference that was held at the Valencia Ballroom in October.  Upon registration at the Conference, members were presented with a goodie bag to show appreciation for their participation in the Conference.


  • Committee Fair:  The Committee orchestrated and held the first annual YCBA and YCBF committee fair in November.  The purpose of the event was to encourage YCBA member participation in the various committees and sections of the YCBA and YCBF.  This mix and mingle event was held at the Yortowne Hotel.   Participants were offered lunch and opportunities to win door prizes.  Overall, the event was a success and well attended.  Committee members expended much effort in organizing this event.


  • New Member Orientation and Involvement:  In 2008, the committee made special efforts to individually contact new YCBA members and encourage their attendance at the Annual Seafood Outing.  In the coming year, the Committee is planning to conduct a series of follow-up activities to the YCBAís Orientation program so as to encourage and engage new members to become involved in the YCBAís activities.


  • Continuation and Development of the YCBA Membership Card: The Committee continued to discuss further development of the YCBA  Membership Card.  The Committee hopes to distribute a new card to all members in 2009 upon payment of annual dues. 




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