York County Bar Association
Committee-Public Service

Mission of the Public Service Committee
To provide information and education on legal issues of interest to the community and generally inform the public about Bar activities.

Committee Responsibility
The committee produces on a regular basis cable Television Programming called Legalines which explores various legal topics through an interview format with special guests and members of the Bar Association. Also there is a Speakers Bureau  which provides Attorneys to speak on various topics to community organizations when requested. The committee has recently completed two videos about the operation of the York Judicial Center, one of which was made especially for Orientation for new jurors.

2009 Contacts
Thomas Shorb
Stock and Leader
Ph: 717-846-9800

2009 Public Service Committee

Tom Shorb-Chair

Brooks Pomper

Carolyn  Steinhauser

Judge Uhler

Kyle B. Gee

Laura Smith

Leanne Miller

Suzanne Smith

Tom O'Shea






Chairperson:                          Tom Shorb


Committee Members:           Tom Shorb

                                                John Bergdoll

                                                Wayne Gracey

                                                Tom O’Shea

                                                Brooks Pomper

                                                Barb Sardella

                                                Suzanne Smith

                                                Carolyn Steinhauser

                                                Judge Uhler

                                                Judge Cassimatis



I.          2008 Committee Goals:


A.        Create a tentative schedule of Legal Lines programs to be presented during the year, and put together a library of programs that have been presented.


B.         Revise the topics that can be addressed by the Speakers Bureau, update the list of potential speakers, and update the list of groups and organizations for whom we offer speakers.


C.        Promote and disseminate the Judicial Center DVD.


II.        Project Status:


A.        We have created a tentative schedule of Legal Lines programs to be presented in 2009, and we have put together a library of programs that have already been presented.  We also investigated the possibility of a second television program dealing with legal issues.  As to this, we do not yet have an answer.  Thanks to the efforts of Wayne Gracey several Legal Lines programs were produced in 2008.


B.         The committee is in the process of revising the topics that can be addressed by the Speakers Bureau, updating the list of potential speakers, and updating the list of groups and organizations for whom we offer speakers.  In addition, the committee has begun the process of revising the brochure that is sent to groups and organizations as to the Speakers Bureau.  Also in 2008, numerous speaking engagements were held in response to requests for speakers. 


C.        The Judicial Center DVD was furnished to a few local organizations for their use.  Also, the Pennsylvania Association of Court Management (the State Court Administrator’s organization) made a request for usage of the Judicial Center DVD by counties throughout the Commonwealth.  Appropriate modifications were made to the Judicial Center DVD, at the expense of the Pennsylvania Association of Court Management, to make the DVD more generic and usable throughout the state; and our DVD is now in the process of being distributed to various counties throughout the Commonwealth.


D.        Truancy has become an enormous problem in York County, and throughout the country.  In the early part of 2008, the Public Service Committee asked the Grants Task Force to have the matter of truancy as one of the initiatives for which enhanced funding would be provided.  The Grants Task Force, as well as the Boards of Directors of the Foundation and the Association, approved our request.  The Foundation then agreed with the committee’s recommendation to hire Jan Herrold, of the Center for Community Engagement at York College, to complete a study as to exactly how we can assist with this matter.  Jan completed a very exhaustive study, whereby as part of her research, she interviewed numerous individuals in York County who are involved with this issue and she examined various models throughout the country that are being developed to address the problem.  A meeting was held with Jan Herrold in October at which time she presented her findings.  Our committee is working closely with Judge Uhler, and the York County Truancy Task Force which the Judge had assembled several years ago.  In fact, Judge Uhler has been the inspiration for our efforts.  As of the time of the preparation of this report, we are awaiting more specific recommendations from Jan as to how we can provide assistance to Judge Uhler’s Task Force.


III.                 Recommendations for the Committee for 2009


A.        Carry out the 2009 Legal Lines programs in accordance with the tentatively established schedule, and at the same time, be flexible to insert other programs as necessary dealing with timely legal topics.  In the fall of 2009, identify Legal Lines programs to be presented bi-monthly in 2010.  In addition, determine whether a second television program is viable.


B.         Complete the Speakers Bureau initiatives as previously outlined in this report.


C.        Look for ways to further disseminate the Judicial Center DVD.


D.        Provide leadership as to the truancy project, and forge alliances with other community groups in order to ensure its success.



                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                            Tom Shorb




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