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Which Method of Giving Suits You Best?

The best gifts will also be ones that benefit the donor by improving the donors financial and tax situation.

Gift Option                           Donors Goal                  Donor Benefits

Write a check

Make a quick and easy gift

Income tax deduction for donor

Give appreciated stock or securities

Avoid tax on capital gains

Charitable deduction with no capital gains tax

Give related tangible personal property

Share your documents or collection

Charitable deduction based on fair market value

Name Foundation as beneficiary in living trust

Make a revocable gift during lifetime

Donor retains control during lifetime

Make bequest in will

Defer a gift during lifetime

Donation exempt from federal estate tax

Contribute life insurance policy

Make a large gift for smaller cost

Possible income tax deductions

Name Foundation as beneficiary of remainder of assets after lifetime

Avoid double tax on IRA or other employee benefits

Leaves other assets with less tax liability for family

Create retained life estate

Give residence/farm but retain use during lifetime

Gives tax advantage plus use of property

Create charitable remainder unitrust

Hedges inflation over time

Pays variable income during lifetime with tax benefits

Create charitable remainder annuity trust

Provide fixed lifetime income while avoiding market risks

Provides tax benefits, may provide higher rates of return

Create charitable gift annuity

Receive guaranteed fixed income, partially tax-free

Provides current and future tax savings with stable income

Create charitable lead trust paying income to Foundation for specific time

Reduces gift and estate taxes on assets given to family

Keeps property in family but provides estate tax benefits

 The Bar Foundation welcomes all types of gifts and encourages donors to work in partnership with their financial advisors to maximize both personal tax benefits and contributions to the Bar Foundation.


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