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Barbara Sardella

Suzanne Griest

Shaleeta Washington

Tom Kearney

Carolyn Steinhauser

Susan Emmons

Tom O’Shea

Sara Austin

Steven Feldmann



Larry Young

Bob Katherman


Staff:  Cindy Van Laeys, Executive Director


I.          CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order by the President, Barbara Sardella at 12:19 p.m. 


II.          SECRETARY’S REPORT:              The Secretary, Suzanne Griest presented the minutes from the July 11, 2008 meeting. Tom Kearney made a motion to approve the minutes.  That motion was seconded by Susan Emmons and unanimously approved.


III.                  FINANCIAL REPORT:  The presentation of the financial statements by the Treasurer, Sara Austin for the months of June, July and August were initially delayed until later in the meeting to allow the Treasurer to secure some updated information from Bar Foundation staff.  The President returned to this item on the Agenda after all other business was conducted.  The Treasurer indicated that the delay was due to an error discovered in the financial statements regarding the reporting of the Certificates of Deposit (CDs) held by the Foundation.  An inquiry had been made at a prior meeting about whether the planned redemption of the CDs had been done.  Upon review, the Treasurer reported that all of the CDs had been redeemed as they came due and the funds transferred to Counsel Trust, however, the Financial Statements did not reflect the transfer in funds.  They were reported on the wrong line item.  The Treasurer assured the Board that all funds were present and accounted for and that the monthly Financial Statements must be corrected.  The Treasurer requested that the Board once again defer approval of the statements until the next meeting.


           The Treasurer did report that the Legal Record is doing very well due to the increase in advertising for sheriff sales.




A.                 Update on consultant – Barbara Sardella presented an update on the work of Delaine Toerper.  She will meet or has met with three committees:

            Diversity, Public Service and Community Relations.

            Community Relations is working on strengthening its internal and external communications by:

            1.         She has recommended that we become better record keepers, especially concerning the maintenance of minutes of committee meetings and reporting back to the membership.

            2.         People do read the Bar Brief. 

            3.         Everything we do should relate back to the strategic plan.

            4.         We should adopt a tag line.

            5.         The web site and speakers bureau need continual updating.

            6.         Committee chairs should come to the Board meetings periodically                              to report.

Members are preparing articles for the annual report.

She is also evaluating our committee structure and staffing.


Tom Kearney requested that he be permitted to serve as a liaison to the Foundation from the Community Services Committee and that the Foundation agenda be amended in the future to include a report from the Community Services Committee.




Cindy Van Laeys reported that she will be out in the community more to enhance our presence in the following ways:

A.        United Way Stay in School Task Force – she will be attending their meetings for the president of the association.

B.        Rotary – she will be attending their weekly meetings.

C.        First Friday Lunches – Susan Barry from the York County Community Foundation holds meetings on a monthly basis for non-profit executive directors.  Cindy will try to attend particularly if the topic is of concern to the Foundation.


D.                Endowment Fund Contribution – Paula Silverstein and Bernard Ilkanoff made a contribution to the Endowment. A thank you note has been sent.

E.                 Chamber of Commerce – The Foundation received a thank you from the Chamber for its $250.00 contribution towards their Downtown Collaborative Project.



A.        Bar Center – No Report

B.        By-Laws – The President presented the proposed by-laws changes for consideration and vote at the next meeting.  The main changes involve moving the annual meeting to December and the creation of an executive committee.

C.        Budget and Finance – Budget request forms went out to committee chairs                             for 2009.

            Carolyn Steinhauser reminded the Board of the necessity for all Board                                    members to sign a conflict of interest form each year.  In addition, there                                   have been changes adopted to the 990 Form.  The Board needs to ensure                       that it has policies in place to comply with the changes.

D.        Diversity Pipeline –Shaleeta Washington reported that there were no applications received by the second deadline. Materials were sent to Don Morgan, the executive director of the Dauphin County Bar Association. The Committee has scheduled a joint meeting with the Richard Noll Scholarship committee to assist them in getting the word out about the scholarship.  A suggestion was made to consider partnering with the District Attorney’s Office and the Public Defender’s Office in order to establish an internship as a recruiting tool.

E.        Endowment – The Committee will be making a presentation at the Bench Bar on October 24, 2008.  The committee has established their 2009 budget revenue at $40,500.00.  A reception will be held to highlight our community impact programs: diversity and truancy.

F.         Funding Raising – No Report

G.        Grants – Carolyn Steinhauser reported that the Grants Task Force extended an invitation to three (3) organizations for proposals and all three responded:  YCCAR, Leave a Legacy and PIRC.  The committee will meet on October 9, 2008 to consider the proposals and to make a recommendation to the Foundation Board concerning the award of the grants.  The total amount budgeted was $12,175.00.


            Carolyn also provided an update on one of our strategic initiatives, truancy.  The Public Service Committee expects a report from YNMDC by late October which will focus on the case for the work Judge Uhler and the Truancy Coalition are doing and what is needed to support and extend their work.  This report will be very timely as York Counts also has a group working on “at risk youth”.  This group is working on a Stay in School Initiative dealing with our drop out rate and assessing the risk factors.  The number one factor is truancy.  As a result of our adoption of this strategic initiative, Judge Uhler is a very engaged and important member of the Task Force.


H.        Law Day – The theme for next year has been announced, “A Legacy of Liberty – Celebrating Lincoln’s Bicentennial”.  The committee also intends to add a photography contest next year.

I.          Nominating – A meeting will be set up to consider candidates for the Board soon.

J.         Richard Noll Scholarship – The committee awarded the $1,500.00 scholarship to Christine McDonald at Washington School of Law at American University.

K.        Pro Bono – The opt-out contributions are at $29,000.00 and exceed budget expectations.  Mid Penn continues to conduct custody workshops on a regular basis.  The last one occurred two weeks ago and was well attended.  Members of the Family Law Section have been donating their time for the project. L.  Public Service – The President presented a report on behalf of the chair, Tom Shorb. 


            Judicial Center DVD - The Pa Court Administrators are excited about the Judicial Center DVD and have decided to use it with some slight changes for dissemination statewide.  The State will be paying for the changes.  Ellie Shoemaker and the York Bar Foundation will be recognized.  Tom expects the project to be done within the next few weeks.


            The committee is also looking into the dissemination of the DVD for use by public school educators.


            Truancy Project- Jan Herrold is researching best practices and other models and will be reporting to the committee before the end of October.


            Legal Lines – A new program is planned for every other month.  Programs will run for two months.  A show on Truancy ran in July and August. Leave a Legacy is planned for November and December.  In 2009, the committee plans to present the following programming:  York Counts/Human Relations Commission, Diversity, Immigration, Replay of Qualities needed for Judges, and Community Involvement in Crime Prevention.  Cindy Van Laeys is building a library.  Press releases for the programs will be coordinated with Community Service Committee.


            Speakers Bureau – The committee is updating the information and creating a brochure.


VII:      LEAVE A LEGACY:  Steve Feldmann reported that a steering committee is scheduled for next week to hear and discuss the results of the work done by Polk Lepson over the last 10-12 months.  The group surveyed the records at the Register of Wills concerning charitable bequests in the County and other statistics of interest.  Those will be evaluated to determine future strategies.




IX:       NEW BUSINESS:  None


X:        ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.   The next meeting is scheduled for October 10, 2008.



                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                    Suzanne H. Griest, Secretary



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