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             It is truly hard to believe that this year is drawing to a close and the Annual Meeting is upon us.  It has been a privilege for me to serve as your president this year.  I would like to thank our Board of Directors for their stewardship of our important charitable purposes, to provide legal services to disadvantaged residents of York County, to promote the fair and efficient administration of justice, and to provide grants and support to projects consistent with our charitable purposes.


            We convened a Task Force this year to implement the mandate of our Strategic Plan, to support larger strategic issues vs. making numerous small grants, to amplify our collective contribution to the community, and to raise the visibility of the efforts of our Bar Association and Foundation.  The Task Force has recommended, in addition to engaging in our traditional volunteer and funding support for legal services to disadvantaged citizens, that we focus on two strategic issues: Understanding of and respect for the law, with special emphasis on youth-centered programs; and diversity, including encouraging and supporting young minorities to pursue law-related careers, increasing minority professional and paraprofessionals in local law firms and building a diverse community of people living in harmony with one another. 


We undertook an internal review of our resources and have determined that our leadership is deeply committed to the betterment of our community, that many of the initiatives in which we are already engaged fall directly within the strategic initiatives as outlined by our Task Force, and that accomplishing our Strategic Plan priorities for visibility and impact will require the creation of a structure to coordinate our activities under a unified plan.  Through February of next year we will continue to finalize our internal review and will begin to meet with those standing committees who will begin to flesh out the activities that will be carried forward to meet our goals, developing templates to evaluate our success, evaluating current projects in light of our focus activities, and continuing to publicize progress.   Itís a tall order, but thereís a lot of enthusiasm to continue this good work into 2008 and beyond.


We also initiated the Diversity Pipeline Scholarship, designed to encourage minority students to pursue careers in the legal field. Initial funding of almost $10,000 was realized from the efforts of the Diversity Committee in raffling and auctioning the two Commemorative Super Bowl XLI Footballs autographed by Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and Lovie Smith, coach of the Chicago Bears. 


I would be remiss if I didnít report that the Bar Stools had a very successful run of three sold out shows at the York Little Theater in the spring, which resulted in net proceeds for the Foundationís charitable purposes of approximately $8,200.  And the Law Day celebration this year was one of the best ever with the appearance of the Dallastown High School Orchestra.   Our endowment continues to grow and weíre in great shape as we head into 2008.
 Barbara Sardella


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