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Pro Bono Program
We are quite proud of the fact that over 60% of all of the members of the York County Bar Association participate in the York County Bar Foundation's Pro Bono Program. This can be done by either signing up to take cases or participating in a panel if you have a specialized area of practice, or by paying the $250 annual Opt Out fee. The money raised through the Opt Out fee is sent directly to Mid Penn Legal Services for the operation of their York office in covering staff salaries and operating expenses.

All members are encouraged to sign up either to take a case or to pay the Opt Out fee. Members are also encouraged to sign up for the 100% Plan whereby you agree to take a case if one is assigned to you, but if it is not assigned then to pay the Opt Out fee by the end of the year.

Please complete the following sign up form and submit it. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Very truly yours,
The Pro Bono Committee




Attorney Name: ____________________________________________________________

Firm Name:  ____________________________________________________________   

Address: ______________________________________________________         _

City: _____________________________  State: _____Zip Code: ________

Email Address:___________________________________________
Telephone:  (______)__________________ 
Fax:  (_______)_____________________
Please circle ONE of the following items:
 100% Participation Program - I wish to participate in the 100% Participation Program.  (Indicate below all of the areas of law you will accept cases for.)  I understand and agree that if no case is assigned to me by December 1st of any calendar year, that between December 1st and December 20th I will be invoiced in the amount of $250.00 by the York County Bar Foundation in lieu of being assigned a case. 
 Pro Bono Program - I elect to see clients through the MidPenn Legal Services participation program.  (Indicate below all of the areas of law for which you will accept cases )
Please check all areas that apply:

_____  Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Consumer Debt

_____  Civil Litigation (includes consumer, property, driver's license
                 suspensions/ revocations, tax upset sales)

_____  Custody Conciliation

_____  Education Law

_____  Family Law (includes divorce, custody trials and workshops, child support
                trials, adoptions, guardianships, and PFA conflicts)

_____  Landlord/Tenant

_____  Transactional (includes real estate, wills, power of attorney, and estates)

_____  Unemployment Compensation

_____  Immigration (Coordinated through PIRC)

_____  Drivers License Suspension (when ability to work is effected)

_____  Name Change

_____  Title to Abandoned Vehicle

_____  I am willing to teach a Pro Se Custody Workshop session.

 Opt-Out Program - I elect to opt out for this year.  My contribution of $250.00 
 is enclosed.  (Checks should be made payable to the York County Bar




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