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Report Submitted by: Bernard Ilkhanoff, Esquire


Chairperson/President:   Bernard Ilkhanoff, Esquire


Vice-Chair/Vice-President:       Andrew B. Brown, Esquire


Secretary:  Victor A. Neubaum, Jr., Esquire


Treasurer:   Heather Z. Reynosa, Esquire




Amy Ehrhart

Amy Phillips

Andrea Marceca

Andrea Stanley

Angel Revelant

Angie Edris-Eveler

Ann Marie McElwee

Audrey Woloshin

Barbara Stump

Bernard Ilkhanoff

Brad Winnick

Brian Linsenbach

Christina Veltri

Christopher Menges

Cindy Conley

Claudia DeArment

Clyde Vedder

Daniel Fennick

Dawn Cutaia-Watchilla

Donald Puckett

Dorothy Livaditis

Edna Moore

George Studzinksi

Glenn Vaughn

Heather Dorian

Heather Reynosa

Hon. John Thompson

Hon. Joseph Adams

Hon. Maria Musti Cook

Hon. Michael Bortner

Hon. Richard Renn

James Keenan

Jane Schussler

Jane Alexander

Jeffrey Bitzer

Jeffrey Marshall

Jody Leighty

John Bergdoll, III
John Mooney, III

Joseph Kalasnik

Karen Semmelman

Kathleen Prendergast

Kenneth Sparler

Kenneth Eckard

Larry Wolf

Leslie Arzt

Lynn Peterson

Michael Krout

Michael Caum

Michelle Pokrifka

Nicole Ehrhart

Patty Horsman

Paula Silverstein

Penny Ayers

Rebecca Tortorici

Richard Konkel

Robert Glessner

Scott Ruth

Susan Emmons

Suzanne Griest

Sydney Benson

Thomas O’Shea

Thomas Miller

Timothy Colgan

Timothy Shultis

Victor Neubaum, Jr.

William C. Anderson

William Baughman


1.         2008 Family Law Section Goals:


            A.        To maintain and increase the Pro Bono Program for custody cases.


            B.         To have at least four (4) Continuing Legal Education Seminars for the                            year.


            C.        To invite guest speakers from various organizations affecting family law                          to speak at monthly section meetings.


            D.        To promote a social component to the membership that includes food and                                 libations at section meetings.


            E.         To support the implementation of Parent Coordinators to assist parties                           in resolving custody disputes without going to court.


            F.         To provide regular updates to the Section to include relevant case law,                          rules, legislation and topics of interest.


II.                Project Status Report:


            The Section is blessed with outstanding talent and a strong sense of pro bono commitment to the community.  The Section, through the support of Mid-Penn Legal Services, Inc., the Pro Bono Committee, and the tireless work of Ann Marie McElwee, Esq., offered the citizens of York County 5 custody workshops throughout the year.  They were all very well received by the parties and counsel who donated their time to this worthy cause.


            The Section offered the Bar four (4) CLEs to include “York County Divorce Procedure 101,” “Essential Tips for Your Next Appeal,” “Tips & Practices That Will Help Navigating Through A Support Conference” and “Uncovering the Hidden Secrets of a Personal Income Tax Return.”  All were well attended and well received.


            We were fortunate to offer guest speakers at our regularly scheduled meetings to include State Representative Bev Mackereth, Carol Davenport from the Child Advocacy Center and Robin Sterner of Family Child Resources, Inc. to address topics of import to the bar, bench and the parties.


            Many of our meetings were complimented by serving food and refreshments for our members and guests.  Some meetings were held away from the Bar Center to include the offices of Stock and Leader for a Cinco de Mayo party, attending a York Revolutions baseball game, and celebrating the year end holiday party at Judge Cook’s residence.  This adds to the camaraderie for the members.


            This year alone has seen the implementation of several Parent Coordinators either appointed by the Court or agreed to by the parties to assist the litigants in resolving disputes without court intervention.  This is a trend that is increasing both state and nation-wide and may very well be the wave of the future.  Members of our Section such as Audrey Woloshin, Esq., Kathleen Prendergast, Esq. and Barbara Stump, Esq. are all trained and court approved to serve as Parent Coordinators.


            Through various list serves throughout the State, new legislation, cases and alerts have been disseminated to the Section for current status on topics of interest affecting Family Law.


            Other highlights include participating in the Bench Bar Conference with scheduled programs prepared for by the Section and the Bench, approving court mediators, offering “low bono” credit for dependency attorneys and expediting IFP applications through the County for custody workshops.



III.       Recommendations for the Section for 2009:


            Recommendations include offering quality guest speakers to attend regular meetings, continuing CLEs on topics of import to the Section, and fostering a spirit of pro bono endeavors to help those in need of legal services.


            Our Board for 2009 is Andrew B. Brown, Esquire, as Chairperson/President, Sydney Benson, Esquire as Vice-Chair/Vice-President, Victor Neubaum, Esquire as Secretary, and Heather Reynosa, Esquire as Treasurer.


            We are fortunate to have such a high caliber and gifted group of attorneys to lead the Board next year and we can expect success from this Section with its incoming leadership.


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