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Policy-Bar Center Usage
Policy-Bar Center Usage
Approved by the Board of Directors of the York County Bar Association on April 19, 2002.
Philosophy: The Bar Center is located at 137 East Market Street, York PA 17401 and is the central office for both the Bar Association and the Bar Foundation. Its primary purpose is to conduct the business of the Foundation and the Association. The Association will open the building for the use of members for law related and program related functions as long as they do not interfere with or interrupt Bar Association or Foundation business and/or pose a threat to the safety and security of the staff, the members, or the building.

1. Use
Members can schedule Bar business meetings, such as committee and section meetings, by calling the Bar Center, checking for room availability, and having the meeting included on the Bar Center calendar.

Requests for use of the facility outside the scope of Association or Foundation business need to be submitted to the Executive Director in writing in advance of the date desired. Requests are subject to review and approval by the Bar Association Board. Requests should be submitted using the Bar Center Usage Request Form or you can Contact Us.

A member of the Bar Association must sponsor and request all non Bar business related functions, when a member is involved and fees are waived. There must be a contact name and address if the facility is being reserved by a non-Bar member for law related purposes. Rooms will not be confirmed for use by non-Bar members until all fees are paid and the completed Usage Request Form is on file.

Use of the facility shall be for designated/reserved room only and do not include any other areas of the facility.

The facility is handicap accessible.

2. Security and Responsibility
Written requests for non Bar business related use must include the following:

  1. Name of the Bar member sponsor (must be attending and willing to be responsible for room set up, clean up, and be responsible for locking the facility, if approved for after normal business hour use)
  2. Name of the organization or business
  3. Type of meeting
  4. Date and time of requested use
  5. Number of people expected to attend
  6. Statement on circumstances related to the proposed use that might cause the Executive Director, staff or occupants of the buildings to be concerned about safety or security
  7. Statement on how the use will not impact on normal operations of the Bar Center (i.e. participants will be directed to room by member or monitored, etc.).
  8. The need for food and beverage service

3. Key/Opening and Closing Procedures
If the intended function will be held during non-business hours, the Bar member sponsor for non Bar business related usage must obtain a key, opening and closing instructions, and be trained on securing the facility. Such training must be scheduled with Bar Center staff and held during the normal business hours of the Bar Center. The building key must be left behind on the kitchen counter immediately prior to the conclusion of the event.

4. Smoking
No smoking will be permitted in the building.

5. Office Equipment
There will be no use of any office equipment located in the Bar Center without prior approval. This prohibition includes telephone usage.

6. Pets
No animals will be permitted with the exception of those specially trained and required to assist the physically challenged.

7. Food, Beverages and Setup
Arrangements for any food or beverage service or catering must be noted on the Bar Center Usage Request Form and must be approved specifically by the Executive Director. The Bar member sponsor is responsible for making any such arrangements. Bar Center staff will not be responsible for cleaning up or providing beverages, including coffee and soda. Under no circumstances will Bar Center supplies be used for non Bar business. The sponsor is strictly responsible for making sure any rooms used are completely cleaned, free of trash, and have furnishings replaced in their original locations.

8. Cleaning and Repairs
Any and all costs incurred by the Bar Association for cleaning or repairs as a result of use of the facilities will be charged to the Bar member sponsor. Such costs will include administrative costs.

9. Liability and Insurance
Liability for all damages to property and/or injury to persons shall be the responsibility of the Bar member sponsor and they shall indemnify the Bar Association. Insurance may be required, depending upon the proposed use of the facility.

10. Fee Schedule
The use of the facilities by non-members of the York County Bar Association will be strictly limited to law related uses and will be permitted only during normal hours of operation. Anyone permitted such use of the facility must vacate the building no later than 4:30 p.m. No exceptions will be made.

The only rooms available for non-member use are the CLE Room, the Board Room and the Conference Room. The charge for non-member usage shall be set by the Executive Director with the approval of the Association Board. The fee schedule may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors. There is a four-hour minimum use charge.

Fees will be paid in advance and will only be reimbursed if written notification of cancellation is received more than 24 hours in advance.

Those wishing to use the facility need to reserve sufficient space and pay for additional space if they will have clients waiting outside the room reserved. The business space of the Bar Center is not to be used for client waiting areas, conferences or similar purposes.

If non-participants use non reserved space, a retroactive fee will be charged for all ancillary room(s). If members use additional space they will be charged at the non-member rate for the reserved room and the additional room(s) used.

If staff or Bar related functions are disturbed by the use of the room(s) or other parts of the facility, the member or non-member who reserved the room will be interrupted and advised of the interference. The reserving party will be told to conclude the function immediately. Failure to conclude, in addition to costing the member the non-member fee, and imposing double fees for non-members, may also result in the refusal to rent or reserve the facilities in the future to the offending party.

Bar Center Usage Fees
Rooms available for reservation at the Bar Center are limited to the CLE Room, the Board Room, and the Conference Room.

Fees are per room. There is a minimum reservation of four hours. After the four hours, the rooms can be scheduled in additional one hour blocks. There will be no pro rating if the room(s) is used for only a part of the time reserved.

The fee is $35 per hour, $140 minimum.


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