York County Bar Association
Committee-Fee Dispute

Mission of Committee
The York County Bar Association established the Fee Dispute Committee as a free public service to assist clients and lawyers in resolving fee disputes through an alternative dispute resolution process.

Committee Responsibility
The Fee Dispute Committee meets as needed to hear fee disputes and issues reports and recommendations with a view to settling the disputes amicably out-of-court. When the Committee receives a complaint from a client, the lawyer involved is notified in writing of such complaint and is given an opportunity to amicably resolve the matter with the client directly; 2) if the dispute cannot be resolved between the client and lawyer, either party is free to contact the Committee requesting that a hearing be scheduled; 3) upon receiving such request, a hearing is scheduled promptly; 4) at the hearing, the Committee listens to the client, the lawyer and any other witnesses in an informal, private setting; and 5) the Committee issues an advisory recommendation to both parties in writing. The decision is non binding but is generally honored by the parties. The Committee does not involve itself in matters that are in litigation.

Contacts for 2009

Niles S. Benn  Co-Chair
103 E. Market St.
PO Box 5185
York, PA 17405-5185
Ph. 717 852-7020
Fax 717 852-8797
Email: nbenn@bennlawfirm.com
Clyde W. Vedder Co-Chair
32 N. Duke St.,
PO Box 544,
York, PA 17405,
Ph. 717 843-9815,
Fax 717 846-2813

2009 Fee Dispute Committee

Andrea Stanley

Andrew Brown

Ann Marie McElwee

Barbara Stump

Chuck Long

Jim Chiaruttini

John Herrold

John Stitt

Korey Leslie

Leanne Miller

Paul Lutz

Peter Mangan

Robert O'Brien

Will Kirkpatrick




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