York County Bar Association
Committee-Local Rules

Mission of The Local Rules Committee
To review, and where appropriate draft and revise, the local civil rules, in order to convey the policies and procedures of the York County Court of Common Pleas.

Committee Responsibility
The committee reviews and revises the local civil rules, based on input from committee members, other members of the bar, and examples from other jurisdictions. This includes drafting of language in order to implement any changes of policy or procedure by the court. The intent is to maintain a framework that will help the members of the bench and bar perform their responsibilities more easily, and understand their responsibilities.

2009 Contact
Evan Kline,
Ph: 848-3838.
Fax: 854-9172. Email:

2009 Local Rules Committee

Evan Kline-Chair

David Mills

David Sunday

Eric Suter

Gilbert Malone

J. Robert Chuk

Judge Renn

Judge Uhler

Marc Tarlow

Michael Scheib

Timothy Salvatore
Tom McCullough

Local (Civil) Rules Committee -2008 Year End Report



Evan Kline



The Honorable Richard K. Renn

The Honorable John C. Uhler

The Honorable Stephen P. Linebaugh

Donald Hoyt

David Mills

Glenn Vaughn

Donald Dorer

David Staudt

John Bergdoll

Robert Chuk

Richard Oare

Steve Stambaugh

Thompson McCullough

Karen Saxton

Karen Semmelman

Timothy Salvatore

Cindy Conley

Craig Black

L.C. Heim

Nathan Platt

Sean Summers

Mark Tarlow


I.  2008 Committee Goals

Rewrite and renumber local rules


II.  Project Status Report

A proposed draft of new local rules is now posted on the Bar Association website for review and comments by the bar.


III.  Recommendations for 2009

Receive input from the bar on the current rules, and discuss any proposed changes or modifications.


Iv.  Other Suggestions







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