York County Bar Association
Committee-Noll Scholarship-Procedure

Richard P. Noll scholarship


1.                  The Committee Chair or his or her designee will forward application forms to law schools together with a cover letter providing:

a.                   an explanation of the scholarship program and criteria, i.e., the Committee is looking for a student who is a native of York County, who lived in York County for a significant period prior to attending law school, or who has significant ties to York County, who has financial need, and who shows that he or she is deserving of a scholarship because of scholastic achievement, extra-curricular activities, achievement in spite of demanding school and work schedule, etc.  The scholarship recipientís application and resume should reflect motivation, character, ability and potential.

b.                  asking the law schools to select no more than two candidates per school and forward the applications and attachments of such candidates to the Committee no later than June 30; and

c.                   out tentative timetable for considering applications, choosing recipients and forwarding scholarship funds.

2.                  The Committee should review all applications received on or before the June 30th deadline sometime in July or August.  The Committee should choose no more than two candidates to be scholarship recipients for both fall and spring semesters, provided each recipientís law school confirms that the recipient continues to be enrolled with a full course load and is in good standing.


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