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The Bar Center is the central office for both the Bar Association and the Bar Foundation. Its primary purpose is to conduct the business of the Foundation and the Association. The Association will open the building for the use of members for law related and program related functions as long as they do not interfere with or interrupt Bar Association or Foundation business and/or pose a threat to the safety and security of the staff, the members, or the building.  All fields must be completed before the room reservation is confirmed.


1.      Date and time of intended use: _________________________________________________________

2.      Name of Organization or Business:______________________________________________________

3.      Name of YCBA Member Sponsor: ______________________________________________________

Address of Sponsor: _________________________________________________________________


Phone:  __________________   Fax: _________________   E-mail: ___________________________

(Sponsor must be attending and willing to be responsible for room set up, clean up, and be responsible for locking the facility, if approved for after normal business hour use.)

4.      Name and Address of responsible Party if not Bar Member Sponsored:

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

City, State  Zip _____________________________________________________________________

Phone:  __________________   Fax: ___________________   E-mail: _________________________

5.      Purpose for which he room is requested: _________________________________________________

6.      Number expected to attend: ___________________________________________________________

7.      Will food and/or non-alcoholic beverage be provided?  ________ NO      _______ YES

      Caterer name if any __________________________________________________________________

8.      Name all outside vendors or press expected to attend:_______________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

9.      Statement on circumstances related to the proposed use that might cause the Executive Director, staff or occupants of the buildings to be concerned about safety or security : __________________________________________________________________________________


10.  Statement on how the use will not impact on normal operations of the Bar Center (i.e. participants will be directed to room by member or monitored, etc.). ________________________________________


11.  Fee to be paid with reservation $ ________________________________

12.  ___________________________________________________________

      Signature (*Note: Your signature here confirms that you have read and understand the Policy on York County Bar Center Usage, and that all parties involved are aware of the policies.  This signature is required to complete the room reservation.)



For Bar Center Use Only



Date request received: ___________________________________________________________


Date Approved/Denied: __________________________________________________________


Approved by: __________________________________________________________________


Room Assigned: ________________________________________________________________


Charge quoted: _________________________________________________________________


Comments: ____________________________________________________________________







York County Bar Association

137 E. Market Street

York, PA 17401





Bar Center Usage Fees

Established April 2002




Rooms available for reservation at the Bar Center are limited to the CLE Room, the Board Room, and the Conference Room.


Fees are per room. There is a minimum reservation of four hours. After the four hours, the rooms can be scheduled in additional one hour blocks. There will be no pro rating if the room(s) is used for only a part of the time reserved.


The fee is $35 per hour, $140 minimum.


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