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Attorney Connection
Attorney Connection does not offer free legal services as it is a fee based referral service to locate a York County Attorney with expertise specific to you need. The cost is $50 for a half hour consultation. Additional information is available about the Process.  Interested persons can Call In or request an Online Referral.
Criminal Matters
If you are unable to afford an attorney, and have been charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or a summary offense mandating prison, contact the York County Public Defender's Office  located at The York County Judicial Center, 2nd floor, 45 North George Street, York, PA 17401.   The phone number is (717) 771-9217. The office requires that you apply in person, bringing with you a copy of the charges and proof of income. More information (such as hours of operation) may be obtained from the York County Public Defender's Office Web Site.
For those persons charged in the Federal Courts, the Federal Public Defender may be utilized.
Civil Matters
If you are unable to afford an attorney free help may be available for Civil matters such as custody, eviction, and other matters at  Mid Penn Legal Services located at  29 North Queen Street, York, PA 17403-2058. The phone number is (717)848-3605. The Mid Penn Legal Services Web Site may also be of assistance.
You should not assume that you cannot afford an attorney if you have been injured.  Sometimes an attorney may be able to take a case on a contingent fee basis.  This means that the attorney earns a fee only if a recovery is made in your favor.  Additionally, opposing parties may be required to pay legal fees, if there was a prior agreement to that effect, or a statute permits it, or a court finds the opposing party's conduct outrageous.
Self Representation
The is an old saying that a person who represents himself has a fool for a client.  Many times a simple consultation through Attorney Connection can be of invaluable assistance in identifying pitfalls for the unwary.  However, if you do choose to represent yourself, The York Bar Association Professionalism Committee has produced a brochure entitled “Some Advice on Self-Representation from the York County Bar Association.” If you Contact Us, free copies are available from the Bar Center. Additionally, various web sites such as PaLawHelp may be of assistance.


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