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Attorney Connection FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions about the 

Attorney Connection lawyer referral service

Q. Is there a fee for the Attorney Connection lawyer referral service?

A. Yes. There is a $50 fee for the initial 30-minute consultation. The fee must be paid to the YCBA at the time the referral is made. The fee may be paid by cash, money order or credit card. Checks are not accepted.

Q. What is a consultation?

A. It is a 30-minute meeting between you and an attorney to discuss your legal situation. If additional consultation time is required after the allotted 30 minutes, the attorney will provide you with a written fee agreement in advance concerning the amount of the fee to be paid. Consultations are available only one per attorney on a single issue.

Q. What happens after the consultation?

A. If you and the attorney agree to proceed with legal representation, you will be given the opportunity to hire the attorney at their regular rate. You have hired an attorney when you agree to allow that attorney to do more legal work for you.

Q. How much will the attorney charge me for additional work?

A. You and the attorney will set the fee to be paid for services performed after the first 30 minutes. The attorney bases his fee on the time and type of work involved, the difficulty in solving the problem, and the needs of you, the client. Be sure you understand what the attorney will do and how the fee will be determined.

Q. Do you have a list of attorney’s rates or those that will work out a payment plan?

A. No. Attorney Connection does NOT maintain any information on rates or payment arrangements of any of its attorneys.

Q. What if I just want the attorney to write a letter or fill out and file some paperwork?

A. This will not be a part of the 30-minute consultation and the attorney has the right to charge you their regular rate. You must hire the attorney to act as your representative.

Q. What if I cannot afford an attorney but need help?

A. There are other community services available to you. Tell the Attorney Connection representative that you would like to be directed to services that provide assistance to those who cannot afford an attorney.

Q. Do you have a list of pro bono attorneys?

A. No. Attorney Connection does NOT provide referrals to pro bono attorneys. All participating members in the Attorney Connection program expect to be paid for their services, except in cases where a contingency fee structure has been established.

Note: If you cannot afford an attorney for a civil matter please contact MidPenn Legal Services (MPLS).

MidPenn Legal Services provides free, civil legal representation to low-income residents of York County, Pennsylvania. MPLS is a private, non-profit, public-interest law firm. Eviction, custody, and social security eligibility are just a few of the free services provided to income qualifying York Countians.  To find out whether you qualify, call MidPenn at 717.848.3605 or visit the MidPenn Legal Services website.



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