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York Lawyers for the Arts
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The York County Bar Association (YCBA) created the York Lawyers for the Arts (YLA) program to help the growing arts community in York County find legal assistance. 

Assistance may be in the form of pro bono (fee free) representation or Modest Means (reduced fee) representation depending on your eligibility and qualification.   

APPLICATION & FEE:  To apply, please complete an application, for Individual Artist or for Art Group/Collective and submit by mail, email, fax, or in person (by appointment only).  Please do not include payment with the application.  The relevant addresses and numbers are on the application. In order for your application to be processed, all required supporting documents must be submitted with the application. Please submit copies when appropriate since these documents will not be returned. If your application is approved and you qualify for the Modest Means program, you will be required to pay a $25 processing fee for Individual Artists or a $75 processing fee for Art Group/Collective. This fee is payable by debit/credit card or you may make an appointment to pay cash.  There is no processing fee if you qualify for pro bono representation.

ELIGIBILITY:  Your eligibility is based on the type of your legal matter, your income/assets, and the availability of participating lawyers.  A limited number of attorneys have agreed to participate in this program.  You must return your application at least one week ahead of any court hearing or deadline scheduled.  Even if you qualify, YCBA cannot guarantee that an attorney will be available.

PROCESSING:  If you qualify and are provided a referral attorney, you will need to call the attorney to make an appointment for your consultation.  Whether you hire the attorney to represent you after your initial consultation is a decision for you and the attorney to make.  YCBA cannot guarantee that a lawyer will take your case.  YLA attorneys have the right to choose whether they take a case.  You will not be provided the name of a different attorney if your attorney does not want to take your case unless you would like to pay another processing fee.

LEGAL FEES & COSTS:  If you qualify for Modest Means, fees and retainer should be discussed at the initial consultation.  YLA attorneys have agreed to charge reduced rates of $100 per hour with 60% of a typical retainer (upfront deposit against fees).  The amount of the retainer will depend upon the attorney’s assessment of how much work will be required to complete your case, along with other factors.  You will also be charged for any court fees and other costs.

Individual Artist Application available here!

Art Group/Collective Application available here!

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